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  • From mobile
  • Sep 03
  • #912501

I buy the trial and then I went online to find out if this product even worked because I begin to be skeptical after reading you all's review I change my bank account so that they could not continue to Bill me and I also cancelled with them so thank you for your reviews and I'm very sorry that you had to go through what you went through still having used the product

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very fraudulent company!!!whole ad was designed to deceive! I'm 96 years old and never experienced anything like this and I can ill afford to lose almost $200. Could this company be reported to the Better Business Bureau?one.two,three,four,give.six,seven eight,nine, ten. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad wed wed wed wed were were wet we we we we wear we we we we we we wet wet wet one.two,three,four,give.six,seven eight,nine, ten. bad bad bad bad... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 06
  • #895929

Do i have to mix Serum and eye cream together? Applied twice a day, or separate.?

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I ordered the "free trial", paid the $4.95 for shipping, received, used, did not work so called customer service before the date I would be billed and cancelled. I did not receive any more of the Lumare creams. When I returned home 7/28/2016 from our vacation there was a notice from Collect Pros stating I owed $89.77 for a cream I cancelled and did not receive. No phone number for Collect Pros, just a form you fill out on line that immediately... Read more

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I cancelled my order over 9 months ago as I was very unsatisfied with the products; however, this company LUMARE continued to bill me after cancellation. I called again and they stated they could not give me any of my money back. Bad, bad, business!!!! REALLY MAD!! My next step is to call local television "action 9" and report this unethical means of business. I plan to post on facebook the above also in hopes that future customers will be... Read more

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Lumare is at it again.... this time with Collect Pros. Both are part of a scam to collect money from consumers and turn them fictitiously over to collections to collect money for products not received. Consumer Beware!! Olivia and John with Lumare are not operating within practices of good standards.... lying to consumers and fraudulently trying to collect money when services have been cancelled. Do not allow scamming Collect Pros and... Read more

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This Lumare company has zero ethics! I tried the trial, calculated the cancel date, cancelled on time, and thought that was that. Oh no, now a red bordered envelope arrives with a letter that says it's from Collect Pros (Payments Made Easy) -- uh huh -- for non-payment! There is not a chance in the world they're getting any money out of me! But the burden of proof is on me (isn't that backwards?) and I've got to either pay up (nope) or notify... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 12
  • #881273

Tried to call to cancell was 1 day late the guy said i had to pay. I said I couldn't afford it. He offers 1/2 price i say send an invoice. He hung up. Now i get a collection notice for full price. I will slander this company to the hilt. Please contact me

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Apparently a 14-day trial includes the time it takes to receive the product, so you get a week maybe 10 days to try a product that is overpriced and does absolutely nothing. And forget "customer service," you can't return the product, so what do you do? I tried stopping the transaction with my bank, but have to wait for it to post and in the meantime I have a ridiculous amount tied up in this transaction. Right now I'm trying to attempt... Read more

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Did a free sample just pay shipping and now i have 2 charges LUMARESKINSERUM.NET -$98.71 UPO EYE CREAM -$99.01 not even 2 weeks later I did not authorize them to do so on my card I reported them to my bank and they cancelled my card and are sending me a new one so they can not charge me anymore maybe suggest to your bank/credit company to do so then they can't charge you I can't reach the company no where on the free sample thing I filled out... Read more

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